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Contract Administration Specialists for Highway & Roadway Construction

1) Why should I choose a specialist contract administration firm such as HCI instead of a typical design consultant to provide construction contract administration services?

Specialist firms have the experienced construction technicians that are familiar with the current specifications and how to apply them in the field. Additionally, separating the design and contract administration component of the assignment may prove more cost effective. By using a specialist contract administration firm rather than the design firm the client is engaging someone who is able to interpret the contract documents in an impartial manner. This approach has been used by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario to reduce potential contractor claims.

2) What if I only need an inspector for two weeks?

HCI is able to provide qualified construction inspection staff for periods varying from weeks to years.

3) Due to cutbacks, our department no longer has any senior staff with any construction experience to make recommendations regarding contractor claims, pricing of extra work, or schedule changes. How can HCI help?

HCI is equipped to administer the project from the project management level to the on site technician and every one in between. Depending on the size of the project HCI would typically provide a project manager, senior contract administrator, office person, and senior inspectors to provide the required deliverables and perform the required inspection tasks.

4) What if my project is required to be completed during the nighttime or on weekends?

HCI’s professional staff are available to work when the contractor is completing the work, whether that be during the night, early in the morning or on weekends.

5) What does the designation RCSI stand for?

RCSI is a short form for Road Construction Senior Inspector. The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists have established a program to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the road construction industry through the completion of formal classroom training and the completion of the prescribed practical experience. OACETT recognizes contract administrators with the RCCA designation and junior inspectors with the RCJI designation. These designations help ensure clients that qualified staff are administering their construction projects.

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