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Contract Administration Specialists for Highway & Roadway Construction

Construction Contract Administration

Construction Inspection for roadways, highways and bridges including:

  • Grading and Excavation
  • Drainage and Sewers
  • Watermain Construction
  • Granular Placement
  • Subdrain Installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscaping
  • Environmental and Fisheries Habitat
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Concrete Curb and Gutter, Headwalls, Sidewalks
  • Concrete Structures, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Noise Barrier
  • Concrete Roadbase, Fast Track Repairs
  • Electrical Installations including High Mast Lighting, Conventional Height Illumination, Traffic Signals, Pedestrian Signals, and Closed Circuit TV Systems

HCI is equipped to provide complete contract administration services including project management, site office facilities, contract administration, senior inspection staff, and engineering specialists. If requested, HCI can provide individual inspection staff on an hourly basis. HCI has staff experienced in all facets of highway construction.

Constructability Reviews

HCI can provide a full contingent of experienced team members to review project details during detail or preliminary design phases of a project with the goal of ensuring the resulting contract package will be biddable, buildable, constructible and maintainable. HCI’s team includes experts in critical areas such as:

  • Highway and Worker Safety
  • Construction Administration
  • Scheduling
  • Contractor Perspective
  • Temporary and Permanent Drainage
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Traffic and Staging
  • Construction Claims and Delays
  • Estimating
  • Bridge and Culvert Construction
  • Pavement and Geotechnical
  • Utilities
Risk Assessment

HCI can provide Construction Specialists for Cost Risk Assessment Activities for detail design, preliminary design or route selection assignments.

Value Engineering Studies

Drawing from a large knowledge base of construction experience HCI is able to provide Construction Specialists to participate in Value Engineering Studies during the preliminary or detail design phase of infrastructure projects.

Highway Overview

Contract Administration Specialists for Highway & Roadway Construction. Contact Us.