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Highway 404 Extension, Newmarket, ON

The Highway 404 expansion contract involved the construction of an 8.0 km extension of Hwy 404, both north and southbound, from 0.9 km south of Green Lane to 0.8 km north of the Queensville Side Road. The roadway has a 34m grass median. In detail, the contract included:

  • The completion of the full interchange at Green Lane
  • Construction of the Doane Road Underpass structure
  • Construction of the Queensville Side Road Underpass structure, including the South-East/West, North-East West, East/West- North, East/West-South Ramps.
  • The closure of Farr Avenue with a cul-de-sac on the east & west side of Hwy 404
  • Two (2) Car Pool Lots, one at Green Lane and one at the Queensville Side Road GO Transit station
  • Six (6) arched culverts; three (3) crossing the highway for Mount Albert Creek and three (3) at the Queensville Side Road controlling the Maskinonge River
  • Five (5) storm management ponds to control water runoff from the highway
  • Other aspects of the work include major grading, drainage, watermains, hot mix paving, concrete paving and electrical.

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